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The Story

Nouri Skyscraper

Nouri is a certified personal trainer and public figure who is driven by his sincere, honest and authentic interest in inspiring others to change their lifestyle by sharing his core values, unique experiences, creative workouts, motivational attitude towards life and its challenges.

His deep and driven ambition rests on his own personal life experience. After a severe injury in boxing, he had to stop his professional boxing career and abandon his dream to become not only a great boxing fighter but also an inspiration to others. Due to his injuries, his life was in jeopardy. That period became one of his most difficult challenges during which he struggled severely, not only physically but also mentally. He did not really know what the future held for him and how to cope with the sudden change in plans. Physical and mental training, however, helped him to get through that transition period.

He preserved, constantly worked on his mental strength and health while sticking to his fitness routines that he had developed over the years prior, taking patiently but consistently one step at a time. Soon he realized that this routine not only gave him structure and stability, but also guidance and growth. Obviously, Nouri had (like many of us) a variety of other challenges, obstacles, back slashes as well life-altering circumstances while growing up as well as during his adult life. All of these differently demanding experiences shaped Nouri as a trainer and a person.

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The Philosophy

Nouri Golf

Nouri’s fitness philosophy follows a holistic approach and builds upon a balanced mixture of physical strength, boxing, metabolic conditioning and functional training to address all the key elements that in his view build the foundation for actual sustainable physical strength.

Moreover, Nouri values discipline and patience with respect to nutrition and human physiology, when it comes down to achieving specific goals. Last but not least and based on his own personal life experiences, Nouri's training focuses also on creating a powerful mindsest, a crucial yet often overlooked element in building strength. The fact that many things in life are beyond our control is undeniable, yet how we choose to respond to and deal with these circumstances lies in our own hands.

That's why Nouri actively incorporates both physical and mental training into his program and fitness routine, thereby contributing also to a happy, sustainable, and healthy lifestyle. Overall, Nouri’s mission is to aspire to make a difference!

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